Proxi Help Guides

    Getting Started

    How to Log In to Proxi - Proxi FreeHow to Add Map Pins Using "Add Point" Button - Proxi FreeHow to Create / Edit / Delete Categories - Proxi FreeHow to Edit or Delete Map Points - Proxi FreeUpdate Map Header (Title, Colors) - Proxi FreeHow to Add Tags to a Map - Proxi FreeAdd Points With AI - Proxi Free

    Making your map brand-aligned

    Update Map Header (Title, Colors) - Proxi FreeCustomizing Your Map Icons - Proxi FreeUpdate Map Background - Proxi Free

    Sharing Your Proxi Map

    Share Your Map - Proxi FreeCrowdsourcing Map Points with Proxi - Proxi FreeRead Only Map View - What Do Map Viewers See? - Proxi StarterHow to invite map co-editors & co-owners - Proxi StarterHow to Print Your Map - Proxi StarterHow to customize the collaborative map point submission form - Proxi Pro

    Embedding Your Proxi Map in a Website or App

    Embedding a Map in a Website or App

    Analyzing Map Data

    Understanding Map Viewership - Proxi FreeHow to Access and Analyze Map Engagement Data - Proxi Pro

    Using the Proxi Chrome Extension

    Using the Proxi Maps Chrome Extension - Map My Blog

    Supercharge Your Map - How To's for Special Features

    Point NumberingHow to collect email addresses from map viewersAdding Custom Lines and Shapes to Your Proxi Map - Proxi FreeUsing Proxi's Spreadsheet Editor (in beta) - Proxi FreeHow to Remove "Also Featured On" - Proxi StarterHow to Disable Google Images - Proxi StarterHow to Enable Date/Time on Map Points - Proxi StarterDuplicating Maps - Proxi ProHow to Disable Addresses From Being Shown on Map Points - Proxi StarterEnabling 'Special Offers' (also known as Promotion Codes) on Map Points - Proxi FreeOpenTable Integration - Proxi FreeBookmark a Map to Your Proxi Backpack - Proxi FreeGated Access: Passwords

    How to Update Your header with logo, backlinks, and colors (Proxi Starter)
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