📌 Biz Templates

    What is it?

    This module is designed to gather up all of the templates that you've created in YOUR OWN business. Now while of course this could be things like PDFs and things you've made for your audience, the intention behind this was to create a central repository for all the templates you have that are required to do your job everyday. Things like emails, forms, designs, and code snippets that you may use throughout your business.

    How do I use it?

    This is pretty simple! Input all of your templates so that you have them all in one place and can easily be shared with your team!

    📌 Biz Templates Overview

    There is a default list of template types already created for you, but you may need to customize this list to your business. Here's a tutorial on how to do that specifically!

    📌 Create New Biz Template Type

    Usability Checklist

    Have you done all of this?

    1. Input all of your business templates

    2. Created new types and tabs as needed

    How do I print it?

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    How do I share it?

    For anyone that you want to have access to this information, whether personal or business, you'll share the "Operations" interface with them.

    How to Share an Airtable Interface and Manage Access
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