🧮 Capacity Planner

    What is it?

    The Capacity Planner helps you schedule your Project Start Dates and track whether they are open or booked- that way you can always easily tell new leads when you'd be able to get started on their projects! This information is overlayed with your Marketing Campaigns so that you will be able to see what else will be taking your attention away in your business.

    How do I use it?

    Enter all of your available start dates for your different services.

    🧮 Capacity Planner

    Usability Checklist

    Have you done all of this?

    Entered all of your start dates?

    How do I print it?

    Print View

    How do I share it?

    For anyone that you want to have access to this information, whether personal or business, you'll share the "Operations" interface with them.

    How to Share an Airtable Interface and Manage Access
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