📋 Home Inventory

    What is it?

    Home Inventory is something that you won't think about when you don't need it, but if you ever DO need it, you'll be thankful for it. Perhaps thinking through your Continuity Plans got you thinking about this too. If you were ever the victim of a natural disaster or crime that affected an area of your home, are you prepared to recoup as much as possible from the insurance company? If not, this Home Inventory system is FOR YOU. Accessible anywhere you have internet but under secure lock & key, it'll keep everything safe.

    How do I use it?

    📋 Home Inventory

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    Have you done all of this?

    1. Input all your valuable personal items in & around your home

    How do I print it?

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    How do I share it?

    For anyone that you want to have access to this information, whether personal or business, you'll share the "LifeTable" interface with them.

    How to Share an Airtable Interface and Manage Access
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