📏 Metrics

    What is it?

    The Metrics tab is a place for you to intentionally set goals for your business and then to enter data that shows whether or not you are moving the needle on those goals.

    How do I use it?

    1. Decide on your goals and enter them. You'll see "goal" and "metric" used interchangeably throughout the base.

    2. On a regular scheduler, enter "Milestones" or "KPI" (used interchangeably). These will show up on a chart on the Executive dashboard.

    📏 Metrics

    The KPI are only visible on the Dashboard

    📈 Executive Dashboard

    Usability Checklist

    Have you done all of this?

    • Entered your Goals (Metrics)

    • Entered your milestones (KPI)

    How do I print it?

    Print View

    How do I share it?

    For anyone that you want to have access to this information, whether personal or business, you'll share the "Executive" interface with them. Remember that this means they will have access to EVERYTHING in your Executive interface. If you want them to see only SOME documents, share a different interface with them.

    How to Share an Airtable Interface and Manage Access
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