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    Application walkthrough

    If you need help with a specific question on your application, please go to the Findigs application page and click "Get support" in the upper right hand corner.

    About this walkthrough

    This is a walkthrough of the application process the renter will see. Clicking the rectangle under each step or sub-step will open a side panel that will show you each step in detail, or you can click Maximize in the upper right corner of the side panel to open a new tab with the details.

    Application Overview

    The application walk through covers each of these steps:

    1. Create account and select unit

    2. Fill out all Application sections (for primary renter and all co-applicants)

      1. Household information

      2. Housing Status

      3. Income verification

      4. ID verification

    3. Application Submission

    Under each step we've listed the items that are covered in that section.

    Step 1 - Create account

    • Create a Findigs account

    • Select a unit if needed. The link you have may be tied directly to a particular unit - in that case, you will skip the unit selection step.

    AWT - Create account and select unit

    Step 2 - Application section: Your Household

    • Number of co-applicants or adults over 18 and their info

    • Number of children under 18 and their names/ages

    • Vehicle information (if any)

    • Pet information (if any)

    • Smoking yes / no

    AWT - Household Information

    Step 3 - Application section: Housing History

    • Current address

    • Housing Status: renting, owning, or other

    • Landlord info

    • Bank linking for rental payments (optional)

    • Current rent or mortgage amount OR additional information on "other" status

    AWT - Housing StatusBank Linking for Rental Payments and Income Verification

    Step 4 - Application Section: Income & Employment

    • Employment status and income source

    • Employer info

    • Salary

    • Bank or Payroll provider verification (optional)

    • Payment method

    Status: Employed or Self-employed

    AWT - Income & Employment - Employed/Self Employed

    Bank Linking

    Bank Linking for Rental Payments and Income Verification

    Payroll provider linking

    AWT - Income Verification - Employed/Self Employed - Payroll Linking

    Status: Offer Letter and Not Employed

    AWT - Employment Verification - Offer LetterAWT - Employment verification - not employed

    Step 5 - Application Section: Verify ID and Credit

    AWT - Verify IdentityAWT - TransUnion credit, criminal, and eviction checkID Verification - document upload

    Step 6 - Application Section: Pay and Submit

    AWT - Pay fee and submit application
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