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    Assembly Work Instructions [Template]

      [DELETE AFTER READING: Here is a generic template that you can use to outline and share an Operational Manual using Scribe. You can learn more about Scribe here and see how to duplicate and use this template here.]

      Try to standardize the naming process to keep things in order. To learn more, check out our work instructions guide.

      Team leader: (Project Manager/Coordinator). Supervisor: (Director/Manager)

      Step Descriptions

      Be as clear and specific as possible. We recommend:

      1. Numbered Steps

      2. Identifying "Who" "What" and "Where"

      3. Stick to the same terms. For example, if you're referring to a "work bench," don't call it a table later.

      4. Breaking out each task into phases.

      Task 1: <Name>

      Write a brief overview here.

      • Phase 1: <Name>

      If any of your process is digital, you can auto-generate step-by-step guides with Scribe, like the one below.

      • Phase 2: <Name>

      Here is a placeholder Scribe that you can replace with your own workflow.

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      Task 2: <Name>

      Write a brief overview here.

      • Phase 1: <Name>

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      Tools to use

      Be specific about the tool name (don't just say "wrench") and where the tool is.


      Additional notes

      Link to additional resources or educational references here.

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