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    Carrington's CorrIQ Reference Guide

      Welcome to Carrington's Newly Enhanced CorrIQ

      Carrington's CorrIQ system has just received a full update! This new system will make it easier than ever to submit and manage your files with Carrington.

      The training resources linked below will guide you through the new features and functionality of the system, as well as the streamlined process for submitting a file to Carrington.

      • Click this link to access Carrington's CorrIQ: CORRIQ | Carrington Correspondent

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      Tips for Reviewing this Training Resource

      Scroll down this page to access links with detailed step-by-step instruction for completing key tasks when managing files in CorrIQ.

      1. Click Maximize after opening the learning links to expand and access Table of Contents

      2. Select any topic from the Table of Contents to move directly to that section of the material

      3. Zoom in or out on screenshots by hovering over any image, and then click the (+) or (-)

      Learn CorrIQ Administration, General Navigation, & Pipeline Views:

      *Click the link below to view step-by-step instruction on getting around in CorrIQ:

      CorrIQ: Administration, General Navigation, & Pipeline Views

      Learn How to Submit and Manage a File in CorrIQ:

      Submit and Manage a File in Carrington's CorrIQ

      The process of submitting a correspondent loan to Carrington in CorrIQ involves 6 simple steps:

      1. Access CorrIQ: Use personal credentials to log in and navigate to the file submission section.

      2. Enter Loan Details: Including borrower information, property type, and loan product selections.

      3. Product, Pricing and Lock: Select product, obtain rate stack pricing, and lock or float the rate.

      4.Upload Documents: Upload all required documentation to support the file.

      5. Review and Submit: Verify all information, confirm documents, and submit to Carrington.

      6. Track File Status: Track the status and all updates of a submitted loan file.

      *Click the link below to view step-by-step instruction on each of these submission stages:

      *Please note that the specific functionalities and features may vary based on the user's access level and permissions within CorrIQ.

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