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    Construction Site Work Instruction [Template]

    [DELETE AFTER READING: Here is a generic template that you can use to outline and share an Operational Manual using Scribe. You can learn more about Scribe here and see how to duplicate and use this template here.]


    Answer two questions:

    1. What is the goal of task?

    2. What larger company effort does this task tie to?

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    Created by: Name and team Process number:

    Initial issue date: X/X/20XX Current version:

    Bill of materials (BOM):

    A BOM lists whatever raw materials, parts and instructions your team needs. Link to yours or list below.

    Raw Materials:

    • Name

      • Part #:

      • Description:

      • Cost:

      • Supplier:


    • Name

      • #:

      • Description:


    Task 1: <Name>

    Write a brief overview here.

    • Phase 1: <Name>

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    • Phase 2: <Name>

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    Task 2: <Name>

    Write a brief overview here.

    • Phase 1: <Name>

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    Link or list here.


    Link or list here.


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    Projected completion date: X/X/20XX Actual completion date: X/X/20XX

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