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    Customer Onboarding: LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    Welcome to your new LinkedIn Sales Navigator license! Once you've been provisioned a license from your Admin, here are 4 easy steps to get started.

    Step #1: Save leads

    Leads are prospective buyers. Search for leads that fit your buyer criteria (ex: VP+, IT function, Food & Beverage industry). Saving these leads allow you to be pushed alerts - job changes, new hires, posts, mutual connections etc.

    Save a Lead in LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    Step #2: Create top account lists

    Identify your top accounts using Account Search. Keep your target accounts organized in account lists (ex: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 accounts).

    How to Create + Share an Account List in Sales Navigator

    Step #3: Use boolean searches

    Boolean searches are a powerful way to run very targeted searches that fit a handful of criteria (ex: looking for COOs of public school systems in North Carolina, but are not universities).

    Using Boolean Search for “Or” Searches - LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    Step #4: Find bluebird customers

    Bluebirds are people who have bought or used your product at a previous company, and have since moves to another company. These people are great prospects because they already recognize your brand and understand the value of your product.

    Find a bluebird customer on Sales Navigator

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