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    Direct Mail by Left Main REI: A Comprehensive Guide

    If you decide to cancel after approving an order, you have up until 12am EST to do so. If order is rejected, a note will show up on Direct Mail Order submission page. By about 4am, you should have a response confirming an order has been processed. Orders drop next day unless an order is submitted on a Saturday, in which case it drops on Monday.

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    Create a Direct Mail List View to Ensure Required Fields Have Been Populated

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    Direct Mail Cadences

    Alert! Direct Mail Cadence orders trump regular Direct Mail orders.

    When adding a lead to a direct mail cadence, logic does not respect the 30-day rule of restricting the first "now" mail piece order when there was a regular direct mail order created in the last 30 days.

    When creating a regular direct mail order, logic does respect a cadence order having been placed in the last 30 days and stops the new regular order.

    This functionality allows for users to create direct mail sequences that mail out more frequently then every 30 days if they choose.

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    Mail Pieces

    Direct Mail Merge Field and Mail Piece CheatsheetAdding Custom Fields for Check Letter 8A
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