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    Emailing Customer Invoices in Workday


    One of the functionalities offered by Workday is the ability to generate and send customer invoices via email. This feature makes it convenient to streamline the invoicing process and improve efficiency. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to email customer invoices in Workday.

    Setup Bill-To Contacts on Customer Record

    Setting up bill-to customer contacts is an essential step in managing your business's billing and invoicing processes. By having accurate and up-to-date bill-to customer contacts, you can ensure that invoices are sent to the correct individuals or departments for payment.

    Step-By-Step Guide:

    Setup Bill-To Contacts

    Update Bill-To Contacts on Billing Schedule

    The ability to update Bill-To Contacts on a Billing Schedule is an important feature that allows users to easily manage and maintain accurate billing information. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that have multiple departments or locations, as it enables them to assign different contacts for each billing schedule.

    Step-By-Step Guide:

    Updating Bill-To Contact on Billing Schedule

    Create Customer Invoice

    Once the customer contacts and billing schedules have been setup, you can generate the customer invoice.

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    Understanding the Draft Stamp

    The "Draft" stamp you see on an invoice proposal or customer invoice indicates that the document is a work in progress and subject to revision. It serves as a visual reminder that the document is not yet finalized and may undergo further changes or updates. The draft stamp helps to distinguish between a completed document and one that is still being reviewed or edited.

    The Draft Stamp should never be manually removed from an invoice proposal or customer invoice.

    Review and Submit Invoice for Approval

    Before sending the invoice to the customer, it is important to review the details and ensure accuracy. Workday allows you to preview the invoice before finalizing it. Take this opportunity to verify all the information, including the customer's contact details and the items or services being invoiced.

    Once the information on the invoice has been verified, it can submitted to the assigned project manager for approval.

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    Process Final Print Run

    The final print run occurs after all the necessary edits, revisions, and formatting have been completed and the invoice has an Approved status in Workday.

    The final print run is a critical step in ensuring that the document is ready for distribution as the "Draft" stamp will be removed at this time.

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    Email Invoice to Customer

    After the final print run has been processed, the invoice can be emailed to the customer. Workday offers a seamless integration with email services, allowing you to send the invoice directly from the platform.

    Step-By-Step Guide:

    Email Customer Invoices in Workday

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