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    Our collection of Click-Through Guides supporting Event management in EveryAction.

    Start Here for Set Up (Admins)

    Set Up Event Signup Form Templates | Non-TicketedManage Event Types in EveryAction

    Creating an Event

    Create a New Event | Non-TicketedCreate a New Event | Ticketed

    Create and Manage an Event Sign Up Form

    Create an Event Online Signup Form + Template | TicketedPublish an Event Signup Form for a Pre-Existing Event | Non-TicketedDeactivate an event sign up form when enough people have signed up | Ticketed + Non-Ticketed

    Event Attendance

    Create an Invite List for an Event | Ticketed + Non-TicketedManually Add a Participant to an Event | Non-TicketedManually Add Participants to an Event | TicketedUpdate Event Statuses | Ticketed + Non-TicketedCheck in Event Attendees | Non-TicketedMark Attendance at an Event | Ticketed

    Event Communication

    Schedule Email Event Invites (and other Event Messages) in Advance Using Targeted Email | Ticketed + Non-TicketedSend a Reminder Email before an Event using Targeted Email | Ticketed + Non-TicketedSend Event Follow-up Email using Targeted Email | Ticketed + Non-Ticketed

    Zoom Integration

    Connect an EveryAction Event to Zoom | Ticketed + Non-TicketedSend Event Reminder for EveryAction Event with Zoom Integration

    Mobilize Integration

    Create a Multi-Shift Event in Mobilize Manage Event Attendees in Mobilize

    Event Reporting

    Create a saved report based on event types | Non-TicketedReport on Ticketed Events | Ticketed

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