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    FAQ Guides & Videos - shop.cardinalhealth.ca

    General Overview:


    My Account

    Adding or Creating Account(s) linked to your User ProfileHow to Change Billing/Shipping AccountsChanging Preferred Language

    Shopping & Ordering

    Basic features and functions of the website:

    Finding & Ordering Products

    Quick Order: https://youtu.be/TISDI1W81XM

    How to Create & Manage a Standing OrderHow to Create and Manage Saved ListsPrepare a Saved List File for Upload

    Reports & Dashboards

    How to use the Backorder ReportHow to view Order History with Tracking InformationHow to Find and Download a Packing SlipHow to Search for Invoices


    The Admin menu (and user management) is available only to users with elevated access. If you need access to add/edit/remove users from your account please contact our support team to be granted access.

    How to Manage Users and Roles in User Management

    Still Need Help?

    The guides above provide you all the basic instructions about how to use the site. If you're still stuck or have questions call or email:

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