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    Get Scribing! (Template)

    Audience: New Scribe Users

    Welcome to Scribe. Get ready to slash the time you spend answering "how do I..."

    Get the Extension

    How to Install Scribe Extension for Chrome

    Or get the Microsoft Edge extension or download the Safari desktop app.

    Create Your First Scribe

    How to record a Scribe

    Edit Your Scribe

    Make it clear and share-ready by adding redaction, annotation and tips, and merging or removing any extra steps.

    Share Your Scribe

    • Share with specific emails when you want to limit access and control view/edit rights.

    • Share with the entire Workspace to limit to the team membership only and control view/edit rights.

    • Share with the entire company to allow them to search and find your scribe from any workspace. Those outside of your workspace will never be able to edit.

    • "Shareable with Link" is exactly that - share the link to anyone who would benefit from your guide! No Scribe login needed for this view-only version.

      How to share your Scribe with others

    Embed your Scribe

    Embedding your scribe in another application (like Confluence, Notion, Sharepoint, or any application that supports iframes!) allows users to click through the scribe without leaving that page, much like this:

    How to embed a Scribe

    Tip: see our Help Center for Scribes on how to insert the embed code into some commonly used applications.

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