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    Getting Started With Scribe

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    Welcome to Scribe! Scribe makes process documentation quick and easy by automatically creating step-by-step guides.

    Step 1: Download Scribe

    Scribe offers multiple ways to use our tool: browser extensions and desktop apps.

    Browser extensions:

    All users can use either our Chrome or Edge extension to capture browser-based apps and processes.

    How to Install Scribe Extension for ChromeHow to install Scribe on Microsoft Edge

    Desktop apps:

    Capture desktop-based apps and processes by utilizing our Mac and Windows desktop apps.

    Download the Scribe Mac desktop appDownload the Scribe Windows desktop app

    Step 2: Capture a Scribe

    A Scribe is a step-by-step guide automatically created for any digital process. In order to capture a Scribe, all you have to do is turn on the Scribe recorder (via either the browser extension or desktop app), walk through your process as you normally would, and turn it off when you're done.

    How to capture a Scribe

    Step 3: Customize your Scribe

    Scribe does all the heavy lifting to automatically turn your process into a Scribe, but you can customize to make it even better.

    How to edit your Scribe

    Edit your screenshots to crop, annotate, or redact.

    Advanced image editing & annotations in Scribe

    Step 4: Share your Scribe

    Scribes are meant to be shared, so we offer a handful of different ways you can share your Scribe with teammates.

    How to share your Scribe with others

    If you want to embed your Scribe into other tools you're already using (knowledge bases, wikis, etc) you can easily do that with our Smart Embed functionality. Some of our most popular tools users embed into are Confluence, Sharepoint, Notion, Guru and Hubspot.

    How to embed a Scribe

    And that's it! In just a few minutes you've captured, customized, and shared your first Scribe with teammates.

    đŸ’¡Other helpful tips:

    Outside of creating Scribes, there are a few other things new users find helpful to know about.

    How to navigate your Workspaces and Dashboard


    Workspaces is where you can find any Scribe content created by you or other members of your team. Folders help organize Scribes by project, team, or whatever your heart desires.

    How to navigate your Workspace

    Different Workspaces may be created to house and organize different types of content. Browse existing Workspaces and join or request access to them via the Team Directory.

    How to navigate the Team Directory


    Your Dashboard is where you can find all of your Scribe content. You can search by Recent, My Files, or Shared with Me.

    How to navigate your Dashboard

    How to create a Page

    Pages allows you to add multiple Scribes to a custom process document alongside text, lists and video. Create beautiful onboarding guides, training materials, SOPs and more - in minutes.

    How to create a Page Click to replace with a ScribeHow to add text to your Page

    Happy Scribing!

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