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    How Gong Uses Scribe to Drive Customer Success

    All customer-facing teams face the perennial challenge of how to provide personalized support to many customers with limited bandwidth. Watch the following webinar to hear from Alyssa Sanchez of Gong how Customer Success teams use Scribe to provide valuable guidance to customers (when they need it!) and uplevel her entire team's performance.

    Want to use some of Alyssa's tips? Check out the Scribes below.

    How Gong uses Scribe

    #1 Quickly Answer Customer Questions

    When a customer has a functional question, save time by sending a Scribe.

    To share outside of your Scribe teammates, make sure to use the "Share with Link" option, and then you can send the hyperlink in an email or chat.

    How to share your Scribe Doc with others

    #2 Organize FAQs for the Team

    Save even more time by re-using Scribes for commonly-asked questions.

    Organize your scribes in folders so your team can easily find them.

    Organize Documents in Folders

    Or use a Page to collect Scribes based on topic or audience. Start with a template, or create your own FAQ page from scratch.

    How to create a Page (3 ways)

    (As a bonus, you can share the entire page with customers!)

    #3 Leverage the feedback loop

    Track when your Scribes and Pages are being viewed by your customers.

    How to see who has viewed your Scribe or Page

    And get notified when viewers give feedback about your content!

    How to give and receive feedback on a Scribe

    #4 Create Scribes like the Pros

    Leverage Alyssa's favorite feature, Magic Merge, to create engaging Scribes!

    How to Combine Steps in a Scribe
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