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    Informational Article [Template]

      [DELETE AFTER READING: Here is a generic template that you can use to outline and share a template using Scribe. You can learn more about Scribe here and see how to duplicate and use this template here.]


      Title Example: About [Feature Name] (Such as: What is Explicit Knowledge? Definition, Examples, Benefits & More!)


      A brief introduction to the informative article and what you expect to learn.


      Give a brief overview description of the Information, product, or feature the article is about.

      Links (optional): Anchor links to individual sub-titles/headings in the informational article.


      The main area describing the Information the article is about. It can have sub-topics/titles.

      For further context, you can add Scribes to outline any process or task. Here's how.

      How to create step-by-step guides with Scribe

      Subtitle 1

      Add detail within this space. Then add a Scribe, video or image for further context. Here's how to add an image in this template.

      How to Add an Image to Scribe Pages

      Subtitle 2

      In this paragraph you can add additional context, stats or education. If you have any videos, you can add one below — like this one.

      Subtitle 3

      Finish off your article with more detail — and you can always insert more Scribes to outline process steps. Here's a placeholder Scribe that you can replace with your own!

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      Summary of the Information the article was about. Create interaction with the reader asking them if they're learned something. 

      Further reading

      Links to related KB articles or other content around this topic or feature.

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