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    Instagram Outreach SOP


    This is a step-by-step guide to:

    1. Setting up brand new Instagram accounts

    2. Warming up new Instagram accounts to be used for cold messaging

    3. And prospecting your target customers

    This SOP is designed to be duplicated 'as-is.' Meaning, you will be able to hire an SDR, give them this SOP, and have them start reaching out to your target customers business within the hour.

    STEP #1: New Instagram Account Setup

    Setting up a new Instagram account is a fairly straightforward process. To make it as streamlined as possible, be prepared with:

    1. A profile picture of the Founder's face (400x400 px)

      1. Although not as important as Facebook, profiles with a human face perform much better than ones without.

    2. Add bio

      1. Bio will be provided by Founder

        1. If the bio is not provided by the Founder, use the companies Value Statement (i.e. We help '____' do '____')

    STEP #2: New Instagram Account Warm up

    Before we start sending messages to our Customer Segment, we need to ramp up our new account. 

    Instagram severely limits the abilities of new accounts. The best way to ramp up a new account is to engage with your Customer Segment on Instagram as much as possible. 

    Here are some best practices to ensure your account doesn't get suspended or banned:

    • Post something once a day or once every other day until you have at least 9 posts. Ideally, you will post pictures of you and/or your team. Try to refrain from posting pictures of your product directly. 

    • For the first month, stick to sending 20-50 DMs per day. 

    • After the first month, start increasing your sending by 10 every week until you reach 100 per day without getting suspended. 

    • Don’t push the upper limits of the sending. 

    Keep these limits in mind as you conduct your outreach:

    Direct Messages (daily): 20-50 for new accounts and 100-150 for established accounts. 80-100 is a good number to stick with.

    Following (daily): 200 per day. Please note that this is a technical account limit only, and there are additional rules prohibiting aggressive following behavior.

    STEP #3: Prospecting & Outreach on Instagram

    There are a myriad of different ways to conduct outreach on Instagram.

    Our method is to be as precise as possible with who we're reaching out to; While still maintaining a high amount of volume.

    The SOP below shows an example of how one would reach out to Graphic Designers on Instagram.

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