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    Introducing My Second, the Group Toolbox and the Playbook App

    Second Baptist offers a user-friendly online portal called My Second, accessible at This platform allows Second Baptist Church attendees to manage their personal information and view their membership in various groups. For individuals in leadership roles within these groups, My Second grants access to a roster of group members specific to the groups they lead. Additional portal features include the capability to email group participants, update leadership roles within groups, and refresh participant photos.

    Registering and Updating Your Profile

    To use My Second, you must register by creating a username and password, which is at least 12 characters long and includes an uppercase, lowercase, number, and special character. If a person experiences five failed login attempts within one minute, the person's login will be locked.

    When creating your My Second account, the system will attempt to match the information you've provided during registration with existing records in our church database. If a successful match is made, you can view the details we have on file for you and your immediate family members. My Second offers the convenience of updating contact information for yourself and your immediate family in one centralized platform.

    How to Create an Account on Second.orgHow to Update Your Profile and Family Information


    The Group Toolbox is exclusively accessible to group leaders and offers a suite of features. This includes a detailed member roster, bulk communication capabilities, and more. These tools enhance group organization, foster better communication, and strengthen community ties.

    Group Roster

    The roster section of the group toolbox enables users to view a list of all group participants and update their leadership role within the group.

    How to View Group Participants' Information in the Group ToolboxHow to Export Your Class or Group RosterHow to Send an Email in Group Toolbox

    Group Permissions

    The group toolbox operates using a hierarchy of permissions that is determined by the leadership position or role held within the group:

    • Group Admins - Group admins have access to all features of the toolbox. We have included below a list of those positions with group admin access for our more active ministries:

      • Adult Bible Study: Director, Teacher, Discipleship Team Director, Evangelism Team Director, Communications Team Leader, Small Group Team Leader, Records Team Leader

      • Second Students: Teacher, Small Group Leader

      • Second Kids: Teacher, Small Group Leader

      • All Others: Please see the church staff person overseeing your group.

    • Group Leaders - Group leaders can access all toolbox features except for sending bulk texts, exporting the group's roster, and changing a participant's leadership role.

    • Group Participants - Group participants can't access the group toolbox.

      How to Change a Group Leader's RolesHow to Remove a Person from a Group


    The attendance feature in the group toolbox lets select group leaders record weekly attendance. This can be done directly in the toolbox or through a link emailed to them an hour before each group meeting.

    How to Enter Attendance Using the Group Toolbox


    The group toolbox allows group leaders to create subgroups within their group. These are typically used for men's and women's small groups, care groups, or a simple distribution list for group communications. Leaders can create and manage members of these subgroups in the toolbox.

    How to Add or Manage a Subgroup

    SBC Playbook App

    The Playbook App is for leaders in the Second Family responsible for the outreach, care, and ministry to those in the Second Family. Click the following link to learn how to use this app:

    Playbook App Learning Guides

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