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    Lean PRD [Template]

      [DELETE AFTER READING: Here is a generic template that you can use to outline and share a Lean PRD template using Scribe. You can learn more about Scribe here and see how to duplicate and use this template here.]


      What is the goal of this document? How are you tracking success?

      Background and Assumptions

      • What other details do you need to outline about this product?

      • What do you expect to happen?

      • Are you testing anything?

      Features /User Stories

      Outline what this product includes, as well as any feedback or success stories. Link any resources as needed.

      User Experience (flow and design)

      Add links or screenshots of the process flow. You can also create a Scribe (step-by-step guide) walking through the experience. Here's how.

      How to create step-by-step guides with Scribe

      Here's a placeholder Scribe that you can replace with your own!

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      Constraints and Dependencies

      Outline any issues that need to be discussed or worked around. Then include who and what this is dependent upon.

      Open questions

      List questions in order of importance and include answers as they're provided.

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