Linking Your EVM Account & Enabling Notifications | Scribe Linking Your EVM Account & Enabling Notifications

    1. Go to

    2. Click the Login button in the top right corner

    3. Select "Create an account"

    4. Connect your EVM wallet (such as Metamask)

    5. Sign the transaction to link your EVM account to your account

    6. If you want to verify that your accounts were linked properly, click on your icon in the top right corner

    7. Here, you can see both your Grill account address, and your EVM account address, verifying that they were linked properly

    8. To set up notifications, click the Notifications button, select Telegram Bot, and then the Connect Telegram button

    9. Telegram will automatically open a chat with @GrillNotificationsStagingBot, then click the Start button

    10. Your Telegram account will be automatically linked with your account!

    11. Return to and select "I have connected the bot"

    12. Congratulations, your notifications are now fully set up! If you wish to disable them at any point, simply click the Disconnect button

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