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    Mac Tips for Windows Switchers

    Welcome to the Future

    Congratulations and welcome to the new and exciting world of Mac! We're thrilled to have you here :) While things might feel unfamiliar at first, you'll soon find this new planet hospitable. With your Mac, you'll soon be more productive—and have more fun—than your old PC could offer.

    Tip #1: Mastering your Mouse & Tracking your Trackpad

    The mouse is one of the biggest differences between Macs and PCs. Here's how to configure it just how you want:

    Change your Mac Mouse Settings

    Tip #2: The Finder Isn't for Finding, but Spotlight Is

    If you're used to the Window file explorer, the Finder can feel like an upgrade. Here's how to get started:

    Introduction to the Mac Finder

    Looking for search? Spotlight can do that and much more.

    How to Use Spotlight to Find Anything on Mac

    Tip #3: Customizing your Mac to Chef's-Kiss Perfection

    Want to make your Mac look exactly right for you? Here's how to customize all those settings.

    Customizing Your Mac with System Preferences

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