🦄Make the most out of Asana to Work Better everyday! | Scribe

    🦄Make the most out of Asana to Work Better everyday!

    Learn how to use all the features of Asana and the value that they can add to your daily life.

    Asana is free!

    My Tasks & Inbox

    • Who can access these features: Everyone in Asana

    • How often should they use these features: DAILY.

    • What is the difference this will make:

      • This is your individual Source of Truth, meaning is the best place to start and end your day without the noise of everyone else’s work so that you focus on your own.

      • Is the best way to streamline your communications in a single place.

      • It reduces context switching.

    Add "Google Drive" to "My Tasks"Add "OneDrive" to "My Tasks"How to Complete tasks?Multi-home tasks in AsanaHow to add a comment to a task?

    Members Management

    Add new team membersRemove a member / guest from Asana from the Admin Console

    Project Management

    Add the Project brief to the Asana project of the clientHow to add a comment to a Project Status Update?


    Open conversations / notes threads in your Asana Project

    Upgrade your work with paid features

    Save a Template ProjectUpdate Project Template in Asana

    Bonus #asanatips and other tech tools to become a master at work management

    How to connect Asana with Google Drive?🦄 Set up Portfolio "Template" guide
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