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    Manager's new hire checklist

    Step 1: Connect with the new hire before their first day

    Objective: Reach out to the employee and welcome them. Ensure they've everything required for the first day at work.


    1. Send the new hire a welcome email/ welcome package.

    2. Send the new hire the agenda for first week of work.

    3. Share the employee handbook with the new hire

    4. Ask the new hire to keep the following documents ready.

      1. Birth Certificate 

      2. State ID

      3. Social Security Card

      4. Visa or Green Card

    5. Ensure HR has sent the new hire the following paperwork (to be completed on or before day 1)

      1. Federal and State Paperwork

      • Form I-9

      • Form W-4

      • State Tax Withholding Form

      2. Company Onboarding Documents

      • Direct Deposit Form

      • Employment Agreement

      • Employee Benefits Declaration Form

      • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

      • Non-Compete Agreement

      • New Hire Questionnaire

      • Union Agreement

    Step 2: Prepare for the new hire’s first day

    Objective: Ensure you've scheduled the orientation sessions. Informed the team and made arrangements for making the new hire's first day smooth.


    1. Schedule human resource orientation.

    2. Schedule finance orientation.

    3. Schedule IT orientation.

    4. Send an email to the team introducing the new hire.

    5. Create a welcome video/ message for the new hire. (video template below)

    Step 3: Ensure the new hire has a smooth first day

    Objective: It's the new hire's first day. Ensure every orientation session happens as planned. Make the new employee comfortable and feel welcomed.


    1. Ensure the employee has arrived.

    2. Do a quick catch-up an explain the first-day orientation process.

    3. Arrange an office tour.

    4. Ensure the workspace is ready an office supplies are in place.

    5. Introduce the employee to the team.

    6. Insure the orientation sessions happen on time.

    7. Conduct a one-on-one with the employee at the end of the day.

    Step 4: Help the new hire feel welcome within the team

    Objective: Ensure the team welcomes the new hire and offer assistance. Help break ice between the new hire and the team.


    1. Schedule a welcome meeting or team lunch to welcome the new employee

    2. Introduce the new hire to the onboarding buddy.

    3. Inform the employee about the upcoming team meetings.

    Step 5: Schedule organizational and role-specific training

    Objective: Create and execute a comprehensive training plan that includes organizational and job specific training


    • Ensure the new hire complete organizational training

      1. Company culture, mission and vision.

      2. Company policies and processes.

      3. Compliance training - information security, data privacy, and workplace safety.

    • Schedule project specific training sessions.

    • Ensure the new employee has regular one-on-one's with the mentor/onboarding buddy (Help your new hire schedule meetings. Share a Scribe with them to see how to check the collogues calendar)

    • Ensure the employee knows how to use team's collaboration tools. (Create an include Scribes for your team's specific tools here. Here are a few examples.)






      Step 6: Assign meaningful work and set goals

      Objective: The new hire needs hands-on experience to build their confidence. Assigning meaningful work and setting goals will help them ramp up faster.


    1. Assign meaningful tasks and set performance goals.

    2. Define metrics to measure the performance of the employee

    3. Discuss the tasks with employees before assigning them.

    4. Ensure the employee has all the tools to perform their tasks. (Collate all job-specific tools here so that it's easy for you to share it with your new hire. Here are a few examples)

      Assign, Merge and Solve Tickets in ZendeskGetting Started With Notion

    Step 7: Offer continuous feedback

    Objective: Performance reviews help you understand if the new hire's onboarding process is progressing as planned


    1. Schedule a recurring one-on-one meeting every week for the first three months.

    2. Track the performance against the performance goals.

    3. Schedule one-on-one with the mentors to understand the new hire's progress.

    Step 8: Seek feedback from the new hire

    Objective: Asking your new hire for feedback will help them share their issues. It also helps you improve the onboarding process.


    1. Schedule one-on-one with the new hire for feedback.

    2. Create and share surveys to capture the new hire's feedback.

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