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    MetaMinez Beta Player Guide

    Welcome! Thank you for joining the MetaMinez Beta Program!

    This guide is intended to help you get started and begin your mining adventures.

    As a beta tester, you will receive 1,000,000 (1M) $MBLZ testnet tokens for gameplay. These tokens will be credited to your player account upon completion of registration and login.

    It is important to note that these tokens are solely for testing purposes and have no actual monetary value.

    Your Role as a beta tester

    As a MetaMinez beta tester, your role is essential in shaping the game before it's released to the public. Here's what you'll be doing:

    • Testing: You'll play the game and actively look for any issues, like bugs, glitches, or other problems that might affect gameplay

    • Feedback: Share your thoughts on how the game plays. Is it fun and balanced? Are there any parts that could be improved or tweaked? Your feedback helps the developers improve the user experience

    By doing all this, you play a vital role in shaping the gaming experience before its global release. So, have fun testing and helping us make the game great!

    Reporting & Beta Support

    • Use this Google Form for reporting: CLICK HERE

    • Live Support Channel: TELEGRAM | DISCORD

    MetaMinez Gameplay

    In MetaMinez, your mission is to create a winning strategy and extract valuable resources from four different mine types: Glacial, Carbon, Igneous, and Sedimentary. Players are rewarded in $MBLZ tokens and Crafting Materials. Crafting materials will be used to Craft new game assets that will be tradeable on a P2P marketplace. (This feature is not available yet)

    Deploy MetaGoblin NFTs or Goblineers into the TMOs (Terranzinite Mining Operations) and equip them with suitable tools. Each Goblin Miner (MetaGoblin or Goblineer) specializes in a specific mine type, aligning with its land focus, whether it's Glacial, Carbon, Igneous, or Sedimentary. The same applies to tools. Example: A chisel is most effective in a Glacial mine. Pay attention to the time clock and ensure you've made all your selections before the TMO begins.

    To avoid penalties and maximize rewards, ensure that your Goblin miners and selected tools match the mine type.

    Technical Details


    Testnet Blockchain Network: Sepolia ETH

    A testnet serves as a separate blockchain network designed for testing and development purposes. In this beta environment, MetaMinez, $MBLZ, and MetaGoblins operate on testnet.

    • Realistic Testing: Testnets closely mimic mainnet behavior, aiding issue identification and player experience improvement

    • Community Testing: Developers engage the community for wider issue detection and valuable feedback on web3 games

    • Cost-Efficient: Testnet transactions are free, making development economical for iteration and refinement


    • PC Only

    • Must claim Sepolia ETH (free)

    • MetaMask Required (Browser extension recommended)

    • Set Blockchain Network on MetaMask to Sepolia (click below to learn how)

    How to switch Blockchain networks on MetaMask


    • Galaxian Guide is not supported on testnet. Instead, use it on your mobile device as a companion app while playing MetaMinez. Learn more about Galaxian Guide

    • Crafting in MetaMinez is not yet available

    Potential Issues in Beta

    • The availability fluctuations of Sepolia Testnet may affect the performance of the game during the beta phase. These fluctuations are directly connected to the testnet

    Now that we have covered the basics, let's get started...

    Start Here: Claim Sepolia ETH

    Claim FREE Sepolia ETH from Sepolia ETH is used to execute transactions and Mint MetaGoblin NFTs in beta. Follow the simple guide below to claim free Sepolia ETH now! (You may claim up to 0.5 ETH every 24hrs)

    Register, Log In, and Enter Game Lobby.

    Now, begin the registration process. You must register your email and wallet. Then, you may log in. Please follow the guide listed below!

    MetaMinez Beta Access

    Mint MetaGoblins in Beta

    While you might own MetaGoblins, please note that they are NOT on the testnet. To use MetaGoblins in MetaMinez beta, you must Mint MetaGoblins using Sepolia ETH (no worries, it's entirely free).

    Follow the easy guide below to learn how to Mint MetaGoblins in beta using Sepolia ETH.

    How to Mint a MetaGoblin on Testnet

    MetaMinez Marketplace

    Buy Goblineers, Tools, Boosters, Protective Gear, and Spes on testnet (Free)

    Buy Items in MetaMinez Shop

    Missed the MetaMinez Game Demo? Watch it now!

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