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    Outbound Process Guide ⛟✨

    One of the most common processes in your warehouse is likely the order fulfilment process. It is important for this process to be highly efficient. When developing this flow in Leanafy, we prioritized minimizing your workload and maximizing output. This guide will provide you with a step-by-step process for the entire outbound flow.

    Understanding the Outbound Operation Workflow

    Here is an overview of how to handle an order in Leanafy.

    Orders can be of three types:

    1. Normal - All orders that have allocated inventory are marked as normal

    2. Priority - Normal orders can be marked as priority if their fulfilment needs to be expedited

    3. Back-order - Orders are marked as back orders when we don't have enough items in the inventory to fulfil that order.

    Orders also go through multiple stages, at each of these stages a different functionality becomes available in the order.

    1. Open

      All new orders are marked as open by default. This is the start of the order's journey.

    2. Picking

      All orders need a picklist to initiate the picking process. Once this picklist is generated, the order is moved to the Picking stage.

    3. Picked

      Once all the items for the order's picklist have been picked the order will move to the picked stage. This is also the stage at which we decrease the warehouse inventory for picked items of the order.

    4. Packed

      Once all the items from the orders are packed and these packages have been added to Leanafy WMS then the order will be automatically marked as packed. There is also an override available to mark the order as packed without having to enter packaging info in Leanafy. The upside of the override is that it saves you time but the downside is that you won't be able to use automated rate shopping at the time of shipping without adding packages. So we recommend only using the override in case you are not going to use Leanafy's inbuilt shipping capability.

    5. Shipped

      Once the shipping labels for all the packages of your orders are generated, the system will start considering the packages as shipped. And if all the packages are shipped then the order will be marked as shipped automatically as well. Again we provide an override to mark the order as shipped without having to create any package or without providing us any shipping info. but we only recommend using this option in case you choose to ship your orders via a different platform or system.

    6. Closed

      This is the final stage of an order in the Leanafy system. You can mark the order as closed once you have dispatched the order from your warehouse. This will remove the order from your Order's page view, you can choose to view all closed orders by selecting the same status from the filters.

    7. Cancelled

      If you mark an order as cancelled, for whatever reason you might deem necessary then it will be removed from your order's page, you can still view these cancelled orders by explicitly setting the status in the filter to "Cancelled".

    Now that you know all the basic information about orders in Leanafy It's time to go through the flow of creating an order and fulfilling it.


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