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    PRD Presentation [Template]

    [DELETE AFTER READING: Here is a generic template that you can use to outline and share step-by-step guides using Scribe. You can learn more about Scribe here and see how to duplicate and use this template here.]

    Product name:


    • What is the purpose of the product or feature?


    What will the product or feature do? Provide additional context as needed. You can also include a demo video, here's how.

    How to embed videos in your Page?

    Or you can use Scribe to make step-by-step guides that outline your product's processes or best features. Here's how to get started with Scribe:

    How to create step-by-step guides with Scribe


    List names, titles and roles in the product launch.


    Draft or link to a calendar or project road map. You can also upload an image of your roadmap, like the one below,



    Not started, in progress or complete?


    • What other information is relevant to this project?

    • What have you learned?

    Strategic imperatives

    List in order of importance and link to other relevant projects or resources


    What are you tracking and how? Can you link to other tools?


    Who is your product or feature for?

    Use cases

    Add list and links as needed.


    What do you think you know already? What are you testing?

    Investment required

    Cost and effort.

    Product architecture & components

    Link to outlines and resources.

    Core features

    List and link as needed.

    User experience (UX) and user interface (UI)

    Link to resources or add images. Here's how:

    How to Add an Image to Scribe Pages

    Acceptance criteria

    List and mark approved or not approved. Include the names of the relevant stakeholders and the status of outreach.


    Outline or link to a roadmap.

    Open questions

    List and document next steps or responses.

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