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    RIAT 2.0 - "What is new"


    Access to the new RIAT platform

    Please visit the following https://reintegration-assistance-tool.ec.europa.eu/ and click on the login button. Then proceed with your existing EU Login credentials.

    Logging into the Reintegration Assistance Tool

    What changed in the new RIAT user interface

    • Stand alone platform

    • New tabs in the home screen

    The tab Cases will display all the different types of cases in the system under your organisation (Inbox, All cases, etc.).

    • New category: "My cases".

    The "My cases" tab is where user can conveniently locate cases that have been assigned to yourself. This new feature allows you to assign cases to yourself, making it easier to manage your daily work* (see section Inside a case below to see how you can use that function)

    • Export of RIAT data

    Coordinators and PMO users have the ability to export their organization's caseload through the "Case export" tab. This feature allows them to conveniently obtain a comprehensive overview of all cases within their organization.

    • Users

    Users: The tab provides a list of users who have access to RIAT projects

    • Access management

    The role of Operational managers has been renamed as "Access managers". Access managers can now review users with access under their organizations and handle pending access requests from the "Access managers" tab.

    Case overview

    • Different/ new labels

    EPI has been renamed as MS (Member State)

    IP has been renamed as RP (Reintegration Partners)

    Introduction of a new icon indicating when a PMO (Project management officer) needs to undertake an action.

    New visual to highlight cases where direct needs have been identified

    New visual to highlight cases in which vulnerabilities have been identified

    Inside a case

    • Different options

    Options to edit, view the case log of the case, and, whenever applicable or necessary, delete the case, amend travel arrangements, update ID and consent sheet (e.g., for blank cases), or manage financial sources (i.e., financial labels) are now available in the horizontal navigation bar under the Case reference number.

    • Assign a case

    When viewing a case (not in editing mode), users have the option to assign the case to themselves by clicking on the "Assign to Me" button. Once assigned, the case will be moved to the "My Cases" section for convenient access. If the case has already been assigned to someone else, the user's name will be displayed.

    • Comments

    Users now have a wider range of options when it comes to selecting recipients for their comments on a case.

    • Time limit

    The time limit of 30 minutes for completing the case is no longer in effect. The case will stay locked as long as a user is actively editing it.

    • New layout of the content display

    A new floating panel is located on the left-hand side of the screen provides easy access to all available data types for each key moment (KM) and the comment section. This feature allows users to navigate more efficiently within the specific section they are interested in.

    • Proceed with a case

    The "Save and Proceed" button has been renamed. To access the action buttons, users must now click on the "Save" button once they have completed all the required fields in the respective KM.

    • Actions buttons

    Action buttons (e.g., push the case to the next step) are now in yellow color.

    Specific changes in KM1


    Specific changes in KM2, KM3


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