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    Salesforce Knowledge + Scribe Tips & Tricks

    Embedding iframes

    Smart Embed provides all the benefits of document maintenance (update any content in Scribe only!), insights, and the beautiful, consistent format that you love from Scribe. Pair that with the robust controls of your Salesforce Knowledge base and consider your audience delighted. 🌟

    Embed a Scribe in a Salesforce Knowledge Article (Salesforce Classic)Embed a Scribe in a Salesforce Knowledge Article (Lightning)

    There are several ways to customize the look and feel of your embedded content.

    How to adjust your embedded Scribe's appearance

    This is supported in Classic and Lightning as of February 2024 release.

    Inserting HTML

    Formatted contents can be also be added to the body of a Salesforce Knowledge article. Using Scribe's option to export to HTML is a great way to quickly incorporate accurate, formatted step-by-step instructions to the body of an article.

    How to export your Scribe to HTML

    The HTML content is the perfect starting point for your Knowledge Articles. Update and adjust in your Article as you see fit - once exported it acts as a copy, so it won't impact your Scribe.

    If you don't see this option, request HTML export to be enabled by reaching out to [email protected].

    Other helpful info

    Add Scribe as a "Trusted Site"

    Make sure is added to CSP Trusted Sites in Salesforce Admin. This is a security setting in SFDC which must be enabled else Scribe images or iframes will not be rendered.

    How to Update CSP Trusted Sites in Salesforce

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