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    Technology Procurement Policy and Procedure


      Created by [Name] on [Date]. Reviewed and approved by [Name].


      Cost-effective technology is critical for the successful functioning of the company. The policy has been introduced to regulate technology procurement.


      This policy provides guidelines and procedures for purchasing IT equipment to ensure adequate resources for implementation and ongoing support.


      The purpose of the IT equipment purchasing policy is to provide standards for procuring all end-user computer hardware, software, mobile devices, printers, storage, servers, and cloud services needed to perform work successfully. 


      This policy applies to the process of acquisition of information technology.


      IT – information technology.

      IT equipment – any software or devices that individuals or teams need to perform their work.


      • All departments or individuals must purchase computer hardware and software through the IT department. 

      • All requests are processed within 10 business days.

      • Items that haven’t been approved by the IT department can’t be purchased using the company’s funds.

      • Non-approved purchases will be the financial responsibility of the assignee.

      • Requests can be made through technology request forms (see “References”).

      • Items purchased using company funds remain the property of the company and not the individual or department.

      • All equipment must be tagged as an asset for inventory and tracking purposes.

      • If a specific requirement cannot be met by the company standards then non-standard items will be considered on an individual basis and require the approval of the VP for Information Services. Justifications can be sent to [Email address].


      Technology Request Workflow

      • Once the need for new technology is identified, an individual or department fills in the technology request form (see “References”).

      • After a technology request form has been submitted, the IT Help Desk will review its compliance with the company’s standards.

      • If approved, the IT department procures new technology and informs sides involved of the outcomes. 

      • The IT Help Desk will notify the department after the equipment has arrived.

      • When an individual leaves the company, the department returns all assigned equipment and notifies the IT department to update equipment records.


      • Hardware Request Form.

      • Software Request Form.

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