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    The order fulfilment flow

    1. Adding order in WMS

    The first step is to create an order in the system. Orders can be created in multiple ways. Like directly adding an order using our create order form or by uploading a CSV file containing all the orders. The second method is best suited if you have to push multiple orders at once.

    Central: How to Create an Order Central: How to create an order with order details.Central: How to upload bulk orders via CSV

    2. Adding items to an open order

    Once you have created an order, you may need to add items to it. You can easily add items to open orders without any hassle.

    Central: How to add item(s) in an open order

    3. Picking Items for an Order

    • Generate Picklist

    After adding all the items to an order, you can generate the picklist to initiate the picking process.

    Central: How to generate a picklist for an Order
    • Assign Pick list to a User

    To further optimize your warehouse operations, you have the option to assign the generated picklist to a specific user or picker. This ensures that the right person is responsible for fulfilling the order.

    Central: How to assign a picklist
    • Picking Items

    Once you've generated the picklist, you're just a click away from initiating the picking process! Simply follow the listed items in the specified order, pick all the items in the mentioned quantity, and you'll be ready for the next step.

    Central: How to pick item(s) for an order

    4. Packing Items for an Order

    After you have picked all the items for an order, it's time to pack them for shipping. Adding packages to orders is now a breeze. Easily add the required packaging details to ensure your orders are shipped securely and accurately.

    Central: How to add a package for an order

    5. Shipping a Packed Order

    Shipping orders is a critical step, and we've made it as straightforward as possible. You can easily select the preferred shipping method and carrier, ensuring your customers receive their orders on time.

    Central: How to do Shipping for a packed order.Central: How to do Manual Shipping for a packed order.

    6. Cancelling an Open Order

    In case you need to cancel an order, our platform provides a straightforward cancellation process, ensuring you can manage order changes effortlessly.

    Central: How to cancel an open order

    7. Printing an Order

    Printing order documents is quick and straightforward, allowing you to keep a hard copy for your records or for shipping purposes.

    Central: How to print an order

    8. Manual-Allocation of Items in an Order

    Manual allocation of the item(s) offers the flexibility to handpick products from a designated batch or opt for a specific serial-numbered item during allocation for a given order. This level of precision empowers you to effectively manage your warehouse, ensuring accurate and efficient inventory control. This will also help you manage your client expectation, if they want specific batch/serial/expiry of an inventory to be sent out.

    Central: How to create an order with manual allocation.

    9. Generating a Return Slip for a Closed Order

    Creating a return request for an order is straightforward. Our intuitive interface guides you through the process, making customer returns a simple and hassle-free experience.

    Central: How to generate a return slip for the item(s) in a closed order

    10. Cancelling an Order Return Request

    If the need arises to cancel a return request, Our system simplifies the task for you, ensuring your customer service remains top-notch.

    Central: How to cancel an order return request

    Congratulations! You are now equipped with the knowledge to successfully handle outbound operations in Leanafy. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team. Happy shipping!

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