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      menuPick is an innovative platform designed for taking patient food orders directly at the bedside. We offer multiple types of service, including bulk, ward order and restaurant-style, and a variety of fulfilment options.

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      Placing Orders

      Patient Orders

      Place a Restaurant-Style or Ad Hoc / Out of Hours Food Order (via Web)Place a Restaurant-Style or Ad Hoc / Out of Hours Food Order (iOS)Take Patient Orders (Android)Take Patient Orders (iOS)

      Top Up Orders

      Order Top Ups (via Web)Order Top Ups (Android)Order Top Ups (iOS)Make a Functions Booking OrderReturn Ward Top Ups

      Order Fulfilment

      Fulfilling Top Ups

      Fulfil Top UpsFulfil Functions Bookings

      Fulfilling Patient Orders

      There are various ways to fulfil patient orders. The following options are the most popular. We recommend using the Electronic Pick and Pack process where possible.

      The Electronic Pick and Pack allows you to accurately record items picked during meal service. It also allows you to record temperatures, batch codes, containers, additional items and substitutions.

      You can then use the Oven Loading feature to load and start the oven. This will recommend the layout of items in the oven, and the program that should be used.

      Electronic Pick and PackLoad and Start the Oven

      The Ward Order Sheet shows a summary of the items ordered by each ward. It can be printed and used during pick and pack if you are not using the Electronic Pick and Pack system. You can choose to print this with or without the bed orders.

      Print Ward Order SheetPrint Ward Order Sheet (including Beds)

      menuPick cards are small pieces of paper which show what each patient has ordered. These can be printed and placed on patient meal trays.

      Print menuPick Cards (Patient Order Cards)

      Fulfilling Restaurant-Style and Out of Hours Orders

      Fulfil Restaurant-Style and Ad Hoc / Out of Hours Orders

      Order Acceptance

      If the orders have been picked and packed using the Electronic Pick and Pack, you can use the tablet to accept the order and items at the ward and record any discrepancies.

      Order Acceptance (Android)Order Acceptance (iOS)

      Food Distribution

      Food Distribution for Restaurant-Style or Ad Hoc / Out of Hours Orders (via Web)Food Distribution for Restaurant-Style or Ad Hoc / Out of Hours Orders (iOS)Food Distribution to Patients (Android)Food Distribution to Patients (iOS)

      Bed Rounds

      Perform a Bed Round (Android)

      Clinical Sign Off

      Clinical Sign Off is used to allow or restrict menus from patients. This may be for medical or cultural reasons. If used, the patient can only order from the prescribed menus. No orders can be taken until the sign off has been completed.

      Enter Diet Order (Clinical Sign Off)View Diet Ward Sign Off Report (Clinical Sign Off Report)

      Stock Management

      Set Optimum Stock LevelsPerform a Stock TakeMark an Item as Out of StockOrder Stock from CPU


      Record Wastage & Readings (Android)Record Wastage & Readings (iOS)Record Kitchen Waste


      Add and Edit KitchensAdd and Edit Top Up ListsChange Ward Default MenuManage Bed RoundsManage Bed OccupanciesManage Order Scan TemplatesManage OvensManage Serving TimesManage Serving TimesAdd Items and Amend Prices in a Price Catalog (Functions Booking)Add and Edit Charge Accounts (Top Ups)Print an Order Scan TemplatePrint an Order Scan Template

      Item Administration

      Add a New ItemAdd Containers to an ItemAdd Supplier Information and Purchase Packs to an ItemAssign Allergen and Nutritional Information to an ItemEdit an Item

      Menu Administration

      To set up a new menu, follow these steps:

      1. Create a new menu category (if necessary).

        Each menu is organised within a menu category. For example, if you have a Standard Menu that repeats every two weeks, the category would be 'Standard Menu.'

        Manage Menu Categories and Set Section Groups
      2. Create a new menu.

        Menus are placed within a menu category. For instance, a Standard Menu on a two-week cycle, would have 14 menus within it named 'Monday Lunch Week 1', 'Tuesday Lunch Week 1', etc. The system can set up this cycle automatically for you when adding a new menu.

        Add a New Menu
      3. Add a Menu Schedule.

        The Menu Schedule determines when the menu is available to patients. For example, you can schedule the 'Monday Lunch Week 1' menu to appear every other week in the system for lunch orders on Mondays.

        This step can be done while adding a new menu (see the Add a New Menu scribe above), or you can choose to do it manually.

        Manage Menu Schedules
      4. Add items to the menu.

        Add and Remove Items from Menus

      You may also need to do the following:

      1. Create a new Section.

        Items on the menu are categorised into Sections. For example, Tomato Soup can be listed under the 'Starter' section, Battered Fish under the 'Main' section, and Apple Pie under the 'Dessert' section.

        Add Sections
      2. Create 'Section Groups' for the Menu Category.

        These groups restrict the number of choices available to patients when ordering. For example, a patient may only be able to order a Main OR a Sandwich OR a Jacket Potato. By linking these sections together and setting a limit of "1," you ensure that patients can only order a single item.

        Manage Menu Categories and Set Section Groups

      Location Administration

      Manage Wards and Ward Configuration (menuPick)Manage Rooms and Beds (menuPick)Set Ward Top Up LimitsChange Ward Default MenuLink Wards to Charge AccountsEnable Bulk Ordering for a Ward

      User Administration

      Create a New User (menuPick)Assign Roles (menuPick)Assign Profile Groups (menuPick)Assign Locations (menuPick)Reset User Password (menuPick)


      Data Reset (Android)Data Reset (iOS)Send menuPick Data Logs (Android)Send menuPick Data Logs (iOS)


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