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      xClean Cleaning Standards is an innovate audit platform designed directly in line with the 2021 National Standards for Healthcare Cleanliness in England.

      In this channel, you will find both scribes and videos to assist you in using the system effectively. If a process has Scribe and video, the video will be available within the Scribe.

      We are constantly striving to improve our training resources, and we value any feedback you may have. If you require help with a process not currently covered here, please let us know and we can produce it on demand.


      Performing an xClean Audit (Android)Performing an xClean Audit (iOS)Performing an xClean Audit (via Web)

      Dashboard & Reporting

      The Reporting DashboardRunning xClean ReportsScheduled Audits ReportSend Audit Report on RequestView Audit ReportView Audit ScoresheetView and Close Down RectificationsPrint RectificationsView and Print Star Ratings

      System Administration

      Change Functional Risk Category SettingsChange Rectification TimescalesManage Element Responsibilities and ActionsSet Notification Group Users (Automated Emails)

      User Administration

      Create a New User (xClean)Assign Roles & Locations to Users (xClean)Reset User Password (xClean)

      Location Administration

      Add and Edit Wards (xClean)Add and Edit Rooms (xClean)Assigning and Removing Elements from Areas


      TROUBLESHOOTING: Incorrect Audit Schedule (Change Functional Risk)TROUBLESHOOTING: Incorrect Number of Audits Scheduled (Scheduled Audits Report)TROUBLESHOOTING: User Not Receiving Post-Audit Emails

      Efficacy Audits

      Audits & Dashboard

      Perform an Efficacy Audit (via Web)Perform an Efficacy Audit (Android)Perform an Efficacy Audit (iOS)The Efficacy Audit Dashboard


      Set Colour Thresholds and Re-Audit SchedulesAdd a QuestionEdit or Delete a QuestionCreate a New User (Efficacy Audit)Activate Efficacy Audits for an xClean UserReset User Password (Efficacy Audit)
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