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    00701 AP+: Add Change Order with Capacity Change

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      Navigate to [http://asseco/APplusProd/Project/projektRec.aspx?navview=go1](http://asseco/APplusProd/Project/projektRec.aspx?navview=go1)
      Type "10981" in the "Projekt:" field. and Click "GS10981 - Powerfield Doorsneeweg"
      Click Tree Overview
      Click Order "Aufträge/Orders"
      Click "270AB22-0064"
      Click "Neue Position/New Line Item" Click "Neue Position"
      Click this image.
      Enter "Entscheidungsvorlage" and click "Suchen/Search" in "Bezeichnung/Name" filed
      Choose "Entscheidungsvorlage in KWP" and click this image.
      Click save. The empty fields will be automatically filled up.
      Type change capacity "117,72" in the "Menge/Qty:" field.
      If the change order will be issued together with final milestone invoice, Type unit price "352,32" in the "Einzelpreis/Unit Price:" field. If it will be issued individually, type Type unit price "0" in the "Einzelpreis:" field.
      Click the "Benenn. Kunde/Customer Des.:" field and enter the preferred text, If the change order will be issued individually, write in the text the change order value as well. save.
      Click this image to add attachment.
      Drag document to the small window
      copy filename to "Beschreibung/Description" and choose Schriftverkel as type Click "Dateien hochladen/Upload Files" and wait for the green sign, then click "schliessen/close"
      Choose "Dokumente anzeigen/Document Show"
      Click "Details", the attached change order will show.
      Go back one step back of the Browser to Order list and click "Disponieren/Plan Materials"
      Change the view to Benennung Kunde/Customer Des. you have a better overview
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