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    1.7a Add a Service to Sell

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    Start in the Sample company.
    To complete this exercise, you must be in the Sample company. From your QBOA account, click on the Gear icon on the top right corner of the screen, then select Sample company.
    Note that you will be logged out of your current account. If you are sure, click "Continue" to confirm.
    Now let's get started with the exercise.
    From the left navigation bar, hover over Sales, then click "Products & services".
    Click "New".
    Click "Service".
    Complete the Product/Service form as follows: โœ“ Name: "Irrigation" โœ“ Description: "Annual System Maintenance" โœ“ Sales price/rate: "500"
    Note that the Sample company will automatically select "Services" as the income account. This is the account from the Chart of accounts that will track the money collected from the sales of this service.
    We will not be learning about Sales Tax at this time.
    Click "Confirm".
    Click "Save and close".
    The new service now appears in the Products & Services list and can be selected on sales forms.

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