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    2.10 Receiving & Depositing a Payment

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    Start in the Sample company.
    To complete this exercise, you must be in the Sample company. From your QBOA account, click on the Gear icon on the top right corner of the screen, then select Sample company.
    Note that you will be logged out of your current account. If you are sure, click "Continue" to confirm.
    Now let's get started with the exercise.

    + New Button

    We’ll use the +New button to find Jeff’s invoice.
    Click the "+New" button, then select "Receive payment".
    In the Customer field, select "Jeff's Jalopies". *His outstanding transaction will appear below.*
    In the Payment method field, select "Check".
    If you knew the check number, you could enter it in the Reference no. field.
    Ensure that "Undeposited Funds" is selected in the Deposit to field. Under Outstanding Transactions, click the "checkbox" to indicate that the invoice is being paid.
    Click "Save and close".

    Sales Center

    To find Kathy’s invoice, we’ll use the Sales Center.
    From the left navigation bar, hover over Sales, then select "Invoices".
    Find Kathy’s invoice on the list, then click "Receive Payment" in the Action column.
    Repeat Steps 4 - 6 to record the payment.
    Now, let’s deposit those two checks into the Checking account.
    Click the "+New" button, then select "Bank deposit".
    Click the "checkbox" for each of the two payment transactions.
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