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    A.2.7 Suggested Bank Rules

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    Start in the Sample company.
    To complete this exercise, you must be in the Sample company. From your QBOA account, click on the Gear icon on the top right corner of the screen, then select Sample company.
    Note that you will be logged out of your current account. If you are sure, click "Continue" to confirm.
    Now let's get started with the exercise.
    From the left navigation bar, hover over Transactions, then select "Bank transactions".
    Click the "x" to exit the pop-up that appears.
    Click the $800 "A Rental" transaction. *Note: do not click Add*
    A Rental needs to be added as a Vendor.
    In the Vendor/Customer field, select "+ Add new".
    In the Vendor display name field, type "A Rental". *Note that the Contact type shows as Vendor, which is what we want.*
    Click "Save".
    In the Account field, select "Equipment Rental". *Note this is a sub-account of Job Expenses.*
    Click "Add".
    Notice that QBO has automatically suggested that you use the same category for the other transactions with the same description. This is not the same as a suggested rule.
    On the $1,200 A Rental transaction, click "Add".
    Because this is the second time you have added a transaction with the description of A Rental, QBO suggests that you add a rule to save time in the future. At the bottom of the suggestion, QBO tells you how many of the current bank feed transactions this would apply to other than the one currently selected. Note that the rule will not apply to the $200 A Rental transaction remaining in the bank feed because that one is money IN, and the transaction we are currently working with is money OUT.
    Click the button next to "Yes, use the same category".
    Click "Create rule". *Note: You would click "Edit rule" if you wanted to make changes to it before saving.*
    If you do not want to be prompted with suggested rules, you can turn off the feature at any time by clicking grid gear (not the main Gear icon) and unchecking the box. You can also turn off suggested categorization here as well.

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