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    A.3.3 Create a Custom Performance Center Report

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    This exercise must be completed in the QBO Advanced test drive.
    Click "<https://qbo.intuit.com/redir/testdrive_us_advanced>". *Note: You may be asked if you are a robot. Click on the button to indicate you aren't, then click "Continue". The Advanced Sample company will appear after you do.*
    From the left navigation bar, hover over Reports, then select "Performance center".
    Click in the "Industry comparison" field and type "Landscaping".
    Click "Landscaping services".
    Click "Save".
    Alert! If you receive an error message, you'll have to update Account & settings.
    Click "Set location".
    Click the pencil icon to edit "Company type".
    Click in the "Industry" field and type "Landscaping".
    Click "Landscaping services".
    Click "Save".
    Click "Done".
    Click "+ Add new chart".
    The first thing you are selecting is the type of metric you want to display. Craig wants to look at sales, so you'll select Revenue.
    Click "Revenue".
    Click "Continue".
    In the Name field, type "Top Design Revenue".
    In the Time period field, select "Last 12 months".
    The "Group by" section is the items you are comparing. In this scenario, Craig is comparing his top three **customers**. In other situations, you may want to group by/compare Employees, Items, Income, Customers, or, if they have been setup, Locations.
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