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    A.3.5b Make an Inventory Product Inactive

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    You must complete[A.3.5a Create an Inventory Product with Quantity](https://scribehow.com/shared/A35_Create_an_Inventory_Product_with_Quantity__f1iNSHY3R8qjO9pyY1RlcA)in the same Sample company session prior to completing this exercise.
    Now let's get started with the exercise. First, head over to the Products & Services list.
    Click the Gear icon.
    Click "Products and services".
    Since the list is showing that Craig currently has a Quantity on Hand, the correct procedure would be to first adjust the quantity.
    On the Cherub line, click the "down arrow" next to Edit, then select "Adjust quantity".
    Doing it this way allows you to select the correct shrinkage account.
    Let's see what happens if we delete the product (i.e., make it inactive) without doing this first.
    Click "Close".
    On the Cherub line, click the "down arrow" next to Edit, then select "Make inactive".
    Click "Yes".
    By doing it this way, QBO has automatically selected the "Inventory Shrinkage" account for the adjustment. Let's take a look.
    Click "Accountant Tools".
    Click "Chart of accounts".
    On the Inventory Asset row, click "View register".
    QBO has reduced the value of the Inventory Asset account by the cost of the 10 Cherubs that were remaining and offset it to Inventory Shrinkage.
    You can now create the non-inventory Cherub product with a slightly different name.

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