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    ABBA Fund: CFA Setup

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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Organizations"
    Click "All Organizations"
    Click the "Search..." field.
    Type "ABBA Fund: [[enter]]"
    Click "ABBA Fund: Balderas Family Fund" *Note: you will use this existing fund as a reference for the new one*
    Open another tab at [](
    Click "Organizations"
    Click "All Organizations"
    Click "Create Organization"
    Click "None [None]"
    Click "ABBA Fund: Christian Family Adoption Fund."
    Click the "Name" field.
    Type "ABBA Fund: [last name] Family Fund" Example: ABBA Fund: Whitaker Family Fund
    Click the "Organization Page Slug" field.
    Type "abba-fund-[last name]-family-fund" Example: abba-fund-whitaker-family-fund
    Enter the following Contact information: First Name: ABBA Fund Last Name: Team Email Address: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) Phone #: 972-708-4448
    Enter the following Address information: Street Address: P.O. Box 868049 City: Plano State: TX Zip: 75086
    Scroll to Accepted Donation Types, and begin clicking check boxes for accepted types that match the completed family fund you opened in Step 6. Hint: Click the first 3, skip 3, then click the rest, skip the last 4.
    All "Limits" should be 999 except for "Embed - Unified Giving." Leave this at 1.

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