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    ACEing Autism Volunteer Registration Guide

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      - Navigate to []( - Click **Get Involved** - Click **Volunteer With Us**
      Click **Become a Volunteer**
      Fill out all of the required information.
      - Create a password - Agree to the Privacy Policy - Click **Create Your Account**
      - Fill out the required questions on Step 2 - Click **Continue to Next Step**
      Click Agree or Do NOT Agree to the photography waiver. - Clicking Do NOT Agree will not limit your volunteer opportunities. - You can click the link on the left side of the page to read the release in full.
      Click the link that says **Adult & Minor Liability Waivers & Agreement**
      Click **Continue**
      - Read the waiver - Scroll to the bottom to view the signature section - Click the Signature box (it will say ***Adult*** in the box)
      - Type your name in the signature box - Click the calendar to select today's date
      Click **Complete Signing**
      Click **Yes**
      Volunteer Under 18 Only: Your waiver require a parent/guardian signature. - Enter your parent or guardian's first name, last name, and email address. - ***Do not enter your own email address; you will not be able to volunteer.***
      Click **Continue**
      - Type your initials into the box at the bottom labeled **Initials.** - Click **Complete Signing**
      Click **Yes**
      Click **Continue to Next Step**
      Click **Continue**
      If you are 18 or older, your next step is to complete a background check. Follow these instructions to complete that: [Complete Your Background Check](
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