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    AI Powered Emails

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    Navigate to [](
    Click this field.
    Write in a prompt or paste in this universal prompt "Act as (role) writing an email to (audience) for the purpose of (purpose) using the tone of (tone)"
    Edit the promt for role, audience, purpose, and tone
    Hit [[enter]]

    Adding More to the Letter

    Type "write the same letter but throw in the problem of covering shifts in the office on a limited basis over Christmas and New Years, use a tone of problem solving and team work [[enter]]"
    Click this button.

    Writing Subject LInes

    Past this prompt or write your own "Write a 10 possible subject lines for the email that have a good chance of being open and read" [[enter]]

    Edit this prompt to Announce a New therapist to your office

    Paste this prompt into CHatGpt "Develop an email to send to a list of referral sources, introducing a new therapist to your group practice office that takes children and insurance and has immediate openings"
    Edit the prompt for your office
    Type " [[enter]]"

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