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    How to Apply for Access to Miss Arkansas Portals

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    Welcome to the Miss Arkansas Portal system. This tutorial will explain how to create an account and apply for access. Users should only submit an application when instructed to do so by their director. Looking to compete? For Miss: []( For Teen: []( Looking for help? For all: []( ***All applications should be completed by and in the name of the competitors and not their parents. If you are registering for a Diamond State Program participant, use your (parent/guardian) information. All other applications must be submitted in the name of the competitor and preferably by them.*** PLEASE NOTE: It is very important to note which portal you are applying for. The State Miss and OT Candidate Portals are only for local title winners competing in the upcoming Miss Arkansas competition. If you were not instructed to apply for this portal after winning a local competition, do not apply for these portals. Your application will not be approved. Local Directors can ignore any competitor-specific instructions in this guide. The flow is the same for Local Directors to apply. Some screenshots in this tutorial may look slightly different due to updates to the site but the main concept remains the same. Please read through all of the steps as there is important information in each step.
    First, you'll need to create an account on the site. This account will be unique to every individual. You'll need the login information you create to access the portal in the future, so please save it in a safe place or commit it to memory.
    You can create an account for the Miss Arkansas site with Facebook, Google, or Email. For this example, we'll sign up with email. If you already have an account on the Miss Arkansas site (NOT the same as your Miss America account) then you can click the Log In button next to "Already a member?" to use that same account. Otherwise, follow the above instructions. UPDATE 07/10: The site now defaults to the Log In page to avoid creation of duplicate accounts. If you do not already have an account, you'll need to click the Sign Up button. Verify that the text at the top says Sign Up when you are creating your account.
    Enter the email and password you would like to use, complete the captcha, and click sign up. NOTE: Double check the email and password you enter when signing up as there are no fields confirming them. If you make a typo in your account email, you'll have to restart this process with the correct email. UPDATE 07/10: The site now sends a confirmation email to the email address you used in the sign up process to ensure that you used the correct email. If you aren't seeing the confirmation message in your inbox after a minute or two, check your spam folder. Clicking on the link in the email will verify that you entered the correct email and you can then navigate back to the Apply for Access page, log in with your newly created account, and continue applying. If you do not receive the email confirming your account, close the window and go through the sign up process again, double checking that you have not made a typo in your email address. You can leave the "Join this site's community" checkbox checked or unchecked, it will not impact your usage of the portal.
    Once the page reloads, you should now see the Apply for Portal Access form. Begin by selecting the portal you are applying for in the dropdown. If you haven't won a local title yet and were instructed to sign up for the Local Candidate Portal by a Local Director, select it here. Please double check that you are selecting the correct portal to apply for on this page. If you select a portal that you are not eligible for, your application will be ignored and you will not receive a notification indicating so.
    After completing the form and double checking all of your information, click the submit button.
    After submitting the form, you should see a popup indicating that your submission was received.
    Congratulations! You've successfully submitted your application to the Miss Arkansas portal system. You'll receive an email with more instructions to the address you submitted in this form. If approved, you'll also get an email indicating approval and explaining how to use the portal. You will need to use the account you created in this flow to log in to your portal each and every time you access it. To ensure that you are not creating duplicate accounts, carefully check whether you are on the Log In page each time you access the site. UPDATE 07/10: The site now defaults to the Log In page to avoid creation of duplicate accounts. Thanks for being a part of the Miss Arkansas Organization!

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