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    AP - Entering Voucher

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      Open up voucher to be entered on a separate screen.
      System will ask you a series of questions to check document out - Click "Yes"
      Click "Yes"
      Click "OK"
      Click "Name"
      Double-click here:
      Click "Check Out & Open"
      Open up Macola on separate screen and follow below: Double click A/P Vouchers
      Batch number should be MM/DD/YY and your initials
      example of what batch number should look like
      Tab through voucher enter screen to fill in data fields
      Click Save and then Close
      Voucher should be on separate monitor. All information you need for fields in Macola should be on voucher.
      Click "APPROVED"
      All vouchers should have this when completed entering
      Click ESC on keyboard and then Click "Yes"
      Click "Yes"
      Click "OK"
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