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    AP+: Add Change Order without Capacity Change

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      Navigate to [http://asseco/APplusProd/Project/projektRec.aspx?navview=go1](http://asseco/APplusProd/Project/projektRec.aspx?navview=go1)
      Type "10444"
      Click "GS10444 - Solarvation Runderweg 6"
      Click Tree Overview
      Click "Aufträge"
      Click "270AB22-0114"
      Click "Neue Position"
      Click "Neue Position"
      Click this image.
      Enter " Entscheidungsvorlage" in Bezeichnung field and click "Suchen"
      Choose "Entscheidungsvorlage" and click this image.
      Click save, the empty fields will auotmatically filled up
      Type total change price "140255,05" in the "Einzelpreis:" field.
      Type the "Benenn. Kunde:" field with " Change Order 1: Addtional Costs Concrete Foundations".
      Click save.
      Click this image to add attachment.
      Drag document to the small window
      copy file name to Dateiname and choose Schriftverkel as type Click "Dateien hochladen" and wait for the green sign, then click "schliessen"
      Choose "Dokumente anzeigen"
      Click "Details", the attached change order will show.
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