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    Accept Customer Tickets Through Zendesk

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      Navigate to your Zendesk admin home. https://<your username>/admin/home
      On the left pane, click on "Channels."
      Click "Messaging"
      Add your the instant messaging channels through which you want to accept customer tickets
      Click "Text" to set up a phone number to receive customer tickets through texts
      You'll get a phone number through which your customers can text their issues.
      Click "Facebook Pages"
      Set up your Facebook page to accept customer tickets
      Click "Twitter accounts"
      Click "Add your first Twitter account." to accept tickets through your Twitter account.
      Click "Talk"
      Set up Talk Professional to accept tickets through voice calls
      Click "Email"
      You'll get an email address to which your customers can send their tickets.
      You've now successfully set all the channels to accept customer tickets!
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