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    Accessing Protel Data Library, Scripts, Templates and Datapack

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      Create directory '0' (numeral). This gets around root directory restrictions and is a useful place to hold all work folders (nice and short so helps avoid path length restrictions too).
      The program needs a consistent location for scripts, templates and libraries. To achieve this we need to create a drive 'O:' (letter) pointing to the root folder containing these resources. This is the .cmd batch file as present on ...\\OneDrive - Blue Chip Technology Ltd\\Documents - NPI\\Protel Data\\Scripts\\FixO.cmd that I use to set this up after a re-boot. This also relies on your OneDrive being set up with 'Documents - NPI' pointing at the development server area.
      "Library" holds the schematic symbols and footprint libraries as well as the database link file into Syspro and Access based links into Syspro (SysTrial.accdb user: srs, password: bluechip).
      "Scripts" contains "Datapack" scripts for gerber and assembly data creation. "Designators" is a useful script for organising all the designators on a PCB onto the centre of every component, consistently and in line with that component, before starting to place them for production. "Datasheets" is a storage space for component datasheets, allowing quick access in Altium. "GerberStaging" and "AssemblyStaging" are peer-review staging areas for pre-release use. "Templates" holds drawing and BOM templates used in Altium.
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