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    Action Tags Explained

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    When creating an Action in Safe365 there are multiple tags available, this guide will walk you through the different tags available when creating an Action.
    **Assign the Action** You can assign Actions to other Safe365 Users. The system will automatically notify the user you've assigned to the Action.
    **Create a Metadata Tag** You can create your own metadata tags for every action you create.
    **Apply a Deadline to the Action** If the Action is time sensitive you can create a deadline for the action. The system will automatically notify you when the deadline is coming up.
    **Tag the Action Priority**
    **Close Off Status** The assignee can then tag what the status is
    **Add Notes to the Action** The assigner or assignee can add notes
    **Create a Recurring Action** If the Action is something that is complete on a recurring schedule, you can create this in here too. For example, vehicle checks.
    **Upload files to the Action**
    **Link to a Checklist** You can send an Action out to complete a checklist e.g. vehicle check
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