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    Add Facilities to Meds tab

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    ALWAYS Call the client and confirm facility's name, address, phone number etc. Also, ask the client if there are any new facilities that we should to add to the file. Please use Google to help you locate the facility's information while speaking to client. The other option is asking client to send you the names and location via text message.

    Create Med's Tab with Facility's info

    Click "[[Docs]]"
    Click "BA - 11644731 David Stepich PHONE INTAKE.pdf" to open the Intake.
    Find the **Medical Facilities Visited** in the intake.
    Google search the medical facility to confirm the correct address.
    Click "[[Meds]]" in Filevine.
    Click "[[Add an Item]]."
    Click "**Type to search**."
    Type the facility's name. If the facility already exists as a contact card, just confirm the address and select the facility.
    Check on intake document for the date visited.
    Add the date visited to the meds tab.
    Click "[[Create]]"
    Facility added to [[Meds]].

    Add Medical Facility to Contact Card

    If the medical facility does not exist on the contact card, click "[[Add an Item]]"
    Click "Add Contact."
    Click the "Name" and add the facility's name. Select the building to create it as a business contact card.
    Add facility's phone number.
    Add facility's fax number if you have it.
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